Perks of Knowing Your Horse and Saddle


Perks of Knowing Your Horse and Saddle

The ins and outs of a saddle is important for any cowboy or horse enthusiast, and it is very straight forward. Find out more about saddles in this article.

The approximate width of a stock saddle may be determined by measuring the distance between the bars at the place where the saddle strings run through the skirts of the saddle. As an alternative, if there are no saddle strings in front of the saddle, this length can be measured approximately 1 inch above the bottom border of the bars, exactly below where the horn is located. It is recommended that every second hand or used saddle be measured, regardless of claims of size, because there can be some spreading with wear. This is important for any jockey or rider to know because just as horse tendon boots Australia are stylish and practical for the rider, saddles are the same for your horse.

The breadth of an English saddle, as well as the fork width of a stock saddle, should be taken into consideration when purchasing an English saddle. A “cut-back” head may be required in order to avoid injury to the withers. The length of the cut-back might range from a few inches to more than 4 inches. With a cut-back head, the saddle may be used on a wide range of horses, which is a significant advantage.

Depending on the material used to construct the saddle tree, the head of some hunt-jump saddles can expand a significant amount without breaking completely. Consider the breadth of the head between the points of the saddle when contemplating a used saddle of this sort, especially if the saddle will be used in shows. With the exception of finding a horse with acceptable anatomy, there is nothing that can be done to enhance the fit of a wide-fronted hunt-jump saddle.

Interchangeable gullets are a relatively new discovery in the field of fitting English saddles of various kinds. The gullet of the saddle must be tightly secured in place in order for the horse to behave as expected. This type of system has a number of pros and downsides that may be considered. As a result, before purchasing a saddle with this function, be sure you thoroughly and thoroughly investigate it.

A stock saddle should be worn such that it sits precisely over the top end of the shoulder blades. This provides for the most possible contact area between the horse and the saddle, dispersing the weight and stresses in order to reduce sore backs.

It is quite difficult to ride a horse that is straight-shouldered, and the saddle often slips forward as a result of bad riding skills. The bars put a lot of pressure on the rear edge of the shoulder blades. Even the thickest blankets will not be able to entirely remove this concentration of pressure. A breast collar is required in this situation in order to maintain the saddle’s position well forward over the shoulder blades.

An additional breast collar is required every time the girth slopes backwards toward the rigging. Because it raises pressure at the withers, just tightening the girth will not provide the intended effects. Girth galls are caused by the backward and forward movement of the tightened girth, which is particularly common in obese horses.


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