Kitchen Splashbacks: Choosing One That Suits Your Kitchen Best


Kitchen Splashbacks: Choosing One That Suits Your Kitchen Best

The kitchen is one of the favourite areas that homeowners love to renovate. Gone were the days when kitchens look plain and boring with those all white tiles and countertops. Modern kitchen design has made kitchens look more stylish – with more versatility when it comes to colour, patterns and texture.

Kitchen renovations could cost a lot compared to other areas of the house. However, if you simply want to refresh the look of your kitchen, installing a new splashback is an easy and cost-friendly way to do so. There are plenty of kitchen splashbacks out there to choose from – with different colours, designs, patterns and themes. Finding one for your kitchen is easy if you know what factors to look for. Get in touch for a quick and accurate quote regarding the best kitchen splashback that suits your home best. Here are some tips to help narrow down your options.

Pick the Right Material

One of the first things to consider when choosing kitchen splashbacks is the material it’s made of. There are a wide range of materials to choose from such as tiles, glass, stainless steel, and a lot more. The kind of material should fit the overall theme of your kitchen. For example, if your home has a modern or contemporary style, a glass splashback would suit it best and give it a sleek and streamlined look. For a more traditional or classic look, you can go for tiles or pressed metal instead. Wooden splashbacks are perfect for a rustic or natural-looking kitchen.

Choose the Right Colours

Choosing the right colour for your splashback doesn’t need to be daunting at all. Take a look at your benchtop and opt for colours that are either similar or contrasting to it. Similar hues make your design look more connected and harmonious while contrasting colours add more drama and focal point on your kitchen.

Light-Reflecting Features for Spacious Look

If you want to make your kitchen space look bigger or wider, a mirror splashback is a perfect choice. Aside from being easy to clean and maintain, it also reflects natural and even indoor light to make your kitchen area look brighter and spacious. It also works best when place across a window so it would also reflect the outdoor view aside from natural light. You can also be adventurous and opt for a window splashback instead. It gives your kitchen more natural light source plus an added view for you while you’re preparing and cooking meals.

Try Feature Splashback

Feature splashbacks are popular nowadays. If you have neutral coloured benchtop and kitchen space, installing a feature splashback is a great way to add some focal point in your kitchen. The neutral colours simply work as a background while the bold colour and design of your splashback draws the viewer’s attention.

If you’re still thinking about what kind of splashback suits your kitchen best, these tips would surely help make your splashback shopping easier and less daunting.

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