How to Take Care of Your Furniture?


How to Take Care of Your Furniture?

One of the things about having your own home is that you become the owner of many possessions. They are your belongings that make up your home and give you comfort at the end of a hard day. So, obviously they need to be taken care of to make them last longer. Not only that, taking good care of them will keep them looking new and give your home a polished look. After all, nobody wants to have a shabby furniture which makes your home look untidy. Keep in mind that the quality of valuable furniture can be maintained with preventive measures and regular care.

Protect From Sun Damage

This is something you have to really think about in summer. The sun’s heat is at full strength during this time and any damage done to your furniture is irreversible. One way of protecting your furniture is by using a coat of sealant. There are a few different types, like varnish, lacquer and wax. You can select one depending on what you like to have.


Some furniture is hardly used, like showcase cabinets that require less maintenance. But others like dining tables and sofas are used frequently and could get damaged every day. These need to be taken care of, especially if it’s a designer dining table or sofa that’s unique and valued. So you can use varnish for this as a top coat. It is produced from resins, solvents and oil and at. They come in many finishes like matt or glossy. This gives you the best protection against the sun’s ultraviolet light and heat in addition to making the furniture waterproof and scratch proof. One drawback is it takes longer to dry but otherwise is very popular.


This is a solvent based and made from nitrocellulose resin. The solvent allows the new coat of paint to dissolve into the older layer thus allowing for easy repair. It also dries quickly and gives a high glossy finish. It also gives a long-lasting protection to furniture.

Oil and Wax Polishes

These natural sealants are safe and easy to apply with a sponge or rag. They bring out the beauty of the wood and give it a natural look. Although it is used widely, the protection is an only short-term and frequent application required.

Damage from Water and Other Liquids

This damage happens usually accidentally to the fabric or upholstery, especially if you have children in the house. The damage is usually not permanent but it helps to take quick action. Some juices, acids and sauces leave marks. The best thing is to use a good fabric cleaning spray to quickly wipe out the area and dry with some cloth, tissues or lightly hold the hair dryer to dry that spot.

Protect From Pets

Pets are naturally inclined to scratch and pull at upholstered cushions and seats. They sleep on carpets and eat on mats, so if you want to keep your furniture safe, you need to take some steps. If your pet is always sleeping on the furniture, drape a cloth over at all times. Give your pet a small toy to use as a chew toy so that they don’t want scratches the upholstery or carpets. If you are going to have pets permanently, then pick out furniture that’s pet-friendly and easy to clean.

Moving Furniture or Shifting Homes

This is one time that your furniture is sure to be damaged so make sure that delicate pieces are handled with care. Mark out glass items as fragile so that people can see it. Protect it with regiform or cloth so that they don’t break. Make sure cushions are packed properly so they don’t get ripped by nails or sharp objects. Dismantle parts from heavy furniture, making sure that nails are kept safely for fixing later. If you are hiring professionals, give them instructions regarding the pieces.

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