How to Find Help for Alcohol Addiction in Australia?

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How to Find Help for Alcohol Addiction in Australia?

Alcohol addiction is an issue faced by many Australians. Being an alcoholic can be severely detrimental to a person’s mental, physical and social health. Fortunately, in Australia there are multiple ways those suffering from alcoholism can seek help. Here are several suggestions about where to start:

Seek Help from an Alcohol Drug Information Service (ADIS) Centre

ADIS centres are located in every state and territory in Australia. These centres are dedicated to providing information and advice to those seeking help regarding alcoholism. You can go to a centre for an assessment or a referral as well. The ADIS centre nearest you would be a great place to learn about sponsors and treatment programs you can try. ADIS also has in-house counsellors you can talk to. The centres are open 24 hours a day, so you can call anytime.

Find a Rehabilitation Centre Near You

Treating alcohol addiction is not an easy process. Despite popular belief, 12 steps may not cure you just like that. However, don’t be intimidated by treatment. If sponsorship programs or counselling is not working for you, consider a local rehab Melbourne centre. The advantage of the centres is that you can retreat from your usual environment—one that might be triggering your alcoholism—and seek help from experts. You can seek talking therapy and group therapy at a rehab centre. Plus, you can get personalised treatment, not typically available with community-run programs.

Talk to Your GP

One of the best people to talk about seeking addiction help is your doctor. If you have a regular GO, talk to him or her about entering a comprehensive treatment program. Your GP is qualified to give you medical advice regarding treatment.

Call a Helpline

Calling a helpline is one of the easiest ways to talk about your alcoholism safely an anonymously. You can discuss your problem and ask about treatment. There are numerous help lines across Australia that you can seek information from. Drug Info, Family Drug Helpline, Youth Substance Abuse Service, and Lifeline are some of the better known help lines you can call. If you don’t have a close friend or a confidante you feel comfortable enough to discuss your alcoholism with, calling a helpline would be the best step to take.

Find a Treatment Program on Your Service Hub

Your Service Hub is a government-sponsored online directory that addiction sufferers can look up information about welfare and health services, including treatment programs you can consider. You can use search terms like “counselling” or “alcoholism” to find out what services will be available to benefit you.

Try Get Healthy Coaching Service

Don’t want to get anywhere for talk therapy? Then you can consider calling Get Healthy for free, telephone-based coaching regarding substance abuse, including alcoholism. The service line provides information and counselling. Get Healthy offers services like giving you suggestions on how to make lifestyle changes to stop your mental dependency on alcohol. If you are not ready yet to go to therapy, you can call this service line easily from wherever you are right now.

Alcoholism should never be left untreated. It’s never too late to start getting treatment, so use one or more of the above suggestions to overcome your alcohol dependency and be in full control of your life once more.

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