How to Know If an Agency Is Real or Fake?

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How to Know If an Agency Is Real or Fake?

We cannot deny the fact that there are people who take advantage of the vulnerability of others. Moreover, a crisis can lead to a higher unemployment rate where job seekers have a tight competition for a certain position, thus they need all the support that they can have like what a recruitment agency can offer them. At these times, you should be keen enough to know and figure out if you are dealing with a real agency or not. There are indicators that will help you spot the difference between a real agency and a fake agency. Here are some of them.

1.    Is There a Fee?

Real recruitment agencies will not ask you to bring out any amount as the company who will hire your shoulders all the expenses. If an agency will ask you for money on different occasions, most probably, the agency is fake. Moreover, you should not just sign anything wherein you agree to pay the recruitment agency or you might just regret in the end. Typically, your employer will pay for everything during the recruitment process. Do not fall for their tactics or else, you will lose your money for nothing. Agencies such as the recruitment agencies in London will not charge you anything as this is the employer’s responsibility.

2.    Does The Consultant Know What He Is Talking About?

Recruitment is a sector where competition is high between and among them which makes it very important that they have competitive consultants to represent them. Their consultant should be knowledgeable enough and he or she should know what he is saying. It is important that you notice if what he or she is saying is in lined with everything. They should have a wide range of knowledge about the position or sector they are working on and notice if they are really doing their job or they are just doing it for the sake of what they are getting in return.

3.    Are They Transparent Enough?

A real recruitment agency will show you everything and will never think about hiding anything from you. They will show you even the smallest and details and will tell you everything, be it a good or bad thing. They should be liberal enough especially with information that is important or related to you. There are people who say it is fine to lie and make things up during an interview or in the process of filling up your resume. Actually, it should not be that way. You should tell and answer everything in all honesty. You should not alter any information either.

4.    Are They Asking Too Many Questions?

It is normal that they ask questions, but if they are already asking for too much and these questions are mostly information gathering, think again. This is a strategy that they use to gather enough information which they can use for other candidates. It is very important that you have an idea on what they can ask or if what they are asking is already beyond the limit.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with being too observant. It is better than feeling sorry in the end. Furthermore, do not be afraid to ask around about an agency to ensure that you are dealing with a real one or else, all your efforts will be futile.

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