Wiring Mistakes to Avoid In Your Home


Wiring Mistakes to Avoid In Your Home

Many people think of DIY projects when it comes to doing the electrical and wiring in their homes just so they can save some money. A lot of the time they do not take into consideration the fact that savings will only be done if the projects are carried out correctly and successfully. However in the majority, many of these DIY projects are not really too successful simply because people really have no clue about what they are getting themselves into. You have to think about the worst-case scenario of trying to go DIY when installing the wiring and the cabling in your home without the right skills, knowledge and tools to do so such as electrocution, short circuits and even fires. Here are some of the most common mistakes that people tend to do when conducting electrical wiring in their homes so that you can avoid them.

Too Much Cost Cutting

One of the most common mistakes that people tend to do is too much cost-cutting. It is normal to want to try and save some money on the cost of wiring but you also have to understand that it is really dangerous to play around with cheap electrical wiring supplies. From every double PowerPoint to wire that you buy, you have to make sure that the quality is of high levels. It does not even matter whether you are doing this by yourself or you have an electrician coming in, the products that you buy have to be on a high level of quality if you are to get the right results and also to maintain the right quality and safety standards in your home.

Making Connections outside the Electric Boxes

When you are making electrical connections it is very important that all those connections are contained inside the electrical boxes because they are made specifically to contain any sparks and fires that may break out due to a short circuit and the likes. They will also protect your wires from any electrical damage that will save you a lot of money as well. If you fail to use these electrical boxes when doing the wiring know that you are taking the risk of fire hazards on a major level. You also have to be sure of not making too many boxes even inside the boxes because overfilling can cause a short circuit that may cause a major fire. If you see that the electrical box has been damaged be sure to disconnect the fixture before you install the new box.

Leaving Plastic Cables without Any Protection

Any plastic cable that has no protection is very vulnerable and therefore dangerous. Always make sure that you provide the right insulation and sheathing to plastic cables that run along the frames of your ceilings and under and over the walls as well. You can actually do this by installing an inch wide board on the wall in a manner where it runs alongside the plastic cable, remember that by doing this you are saving a lot of money as your wires will last much longer when they have protection. If there are any children in your house you will also be providing them with a lot more safety by doing so.

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