Under Privileged Pakistanis and Basic Facilities


Under Privileged Pakistanis and Basic Facilities

According to a report in 2001, about 29.5% of the people live under the poverty line. That is about 55 million people. There are so many people without even the most basic needs.

Read below to find out about the under privileged crowd of Pakistan.


Sanitary is at its lowest low in areas that have most living below the poverty line. Women and girls are uneducated about how they should deal with their monthly menstruation and hence face much medical conditions in the future. There are little children with illnesses some of which are even not well known of! In rural areas it can get so bad that it takes days or even months to get proper medical attention and proper sanitary facilities to treat their wounds.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities to rural areas again is a huge problem. One of the biggest barriers to people obtaining the necessary medical attention is the fact that it is too expensive. Another is having to travel for days and even months to get to the medical centers that treat such conditions. It is such a sad plight that these poor patients have to go through. But there is some relief to know that there are people who are actually working towards changing this in Pakistan like MariyamDawood. However, we need more people to think like this to have a better Pakistan for our future generations!


Poverty being a major issue in Pakistan, there is millions of people living here who sleep with their tummies empty. Whilst we waste our food, throw away food and feel that the food is not tasty enough, there are our brothers crying in hunger. Other Pakistanis who haven’t had a proper meal in days! So what can we do? Well, we can be those who change this! Let’s donate! Let’s not waste food and let’s be of those who go in search of those poor and be sure to fill their tummies on a daily basis!



There are many children in Pakistan who are unable to get access to even the most basic needs. Education is another very important factor that these children are deprived of. It is sad to see that so much of talent goes to waste because and only because they were not given the opportunity. And has they be given the opportunity they will be more successful than most of the ‘educated’ crowd! Work towards changing this! Help these kids get a fair chance at education just as any of us! Let them enjoy studying just as us! Because they deserve it maybe, even more than us!


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