Things to Do and Not Do When Helping Somebody Deal with Bereavement


Things to Do and Not Do When Helping Somebody Deal with Bereavement

Helping somebody deal with the pain of a loved one passing is not easy. You need to be there for them, console them and also let them see that you do respect and understand the pain that they are going through. You will not just have to be there for them during the days of the memorial but also afterward to help them get on with their daily life. Here are some of the things that you should and should not do when it comes to helping a loved one get through a phase of bereavement.

Do Reach Out Always

Acknowledging that the individual is going through a tragic loss (even if the death was one that was expected due to illness) and letting them know that you are there for them, at any time is something that you must do. A lot of people going through the pain of losing somebody will have the feeling of being blindsided or being caught off-guard. There is no way to prepare for the fact that somebody you know and love is never going to be walking, talking or breathing again. Even the strongest minds falter in the face of death so make sure that you reach out be it in person, or over the phone. Always let them know that you are here.

Do Listen More and Talk Less

It is sometimes compelling for you to feel like you really need to talk to your friend or loved one who is mourning. You might want to ask if they need help with the funerals, if they want to talk. But the best thing to do most of the time is to just listen. It is important for the person who is mourning to speak out whatever it is that they need to feel better while your job would be to primarily listen and be there for support. If the death has tragic about it, let them speak and get whatever their concerns are or thoughts are about the passing. Always be genuinely interested to listen to what they have to say and do not be afraid about asking questions. It will let them know that you are listening well. If they do not want to speak of it, give them their time. If they cry, let them. If you get tearful know that it means that you genuinely care and your loved one will appreciate that you do.

Don’t Ignore Those Mourning

It can be easy to feel intimidated and afraid of being rejected in asking if your friend or loved one would like you to be with them, but that does not mean that you completely ignore them. Ghosting is not nice and you really should not care if they ask you to go away sometimes. They would not have meant it for the most part and will definitely apologize for it later when their initial shock is over. You should always reach out and never back away because you are afraid of being told to leave them alone.

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